Bluesky Services Group LLC and its team offers an ever increasing selection of premier hotel rooms at medical conventions worldwide. As an independent housing and event organization specialized in the MICE sector, we propose only a selected group of suppliers in the industry that we know will fit our clients’ needs.

Bluesky operates successfully since July 2011 and counts over 125 years of cumulative experience in the MICE and medical sector.

We offer rooms, often years in advance, in anticipation of our clients’ needs. In addition to providing personal client care, our efforts focus on maintaining a superior inventory, both in the quality of hotels available and in the rates we offer, as our goal is to have you as a regular and returning client – we are not a « one shot company ».

We can also assist in reducing penalties by marketing rooms that have been purchased and are no longer required.

As we work with over 8000 hotels in the USA and much more worldwide, we facilitate your selection for suitable accommodation, even during overcrowded major congresses.

It is our belief that fairness and responsibility are of utmost importance to a successful business.

Our goal is to achieve a mutual understanding and trustworthy relationship between our clients, partners and hotels encouraging a win-win situation for all parties.

Unless you are an existing customer, we are sorry to say that we do not handle groups of less than ten rooms nor do we usually work in FIT or leisure travel areas.